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Best Call to Action Examples to Unlock Online Leads

The goal of most online content published by your business is to attract prospects to your website or social media pages and then to invite the reader to take ‘the next step’ in the business engagement process. That next step might be to learn more about your company, request a sample, or to buy your…

Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business

A big mistake that small to medium sized businesses make when launching a social media program is to try to be in every major social media platform. Some of those channels include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.   There are two major reasons for not trying this approach –   FIRST, it takes major…

GDPR: 5 Things Your Business Should Know about these New Data Protection Rules

Many U.S. companies have been investigating the impact of new data requirements being implemented soon in the European Union (EU). Referred to as GDPR, these new rules involve the handling of customers and users data. A great deal of discussion has been focused on the new requirements and the potential penalties for non-compliance. Yet, with…

Use Social Media To Your SEO Advantage

You know the expression – “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”? Well, that is what I said when I read this just-published post on the website. Written by contributing writer – Kelly Shelton, it covers the relationship of your social media activity and your website’s online visibility. It is a topic that I often…

Creating Buyer Personas: Stepping into Your Customer’s Shoes Is Key

As a ‘consumer’ yourself, you understand that the companies that help you navigate your buying journey and ultimately, help you make the correct buying decision, earn your trust and loyalty. This is especially true of ‘high-price/high-risk’ decisions — think autos, technology, insurance, etc. Now, take your ‘consumer cap’ off, and put on your ‘business cap’….

How to Use LinkedIn to Build More Business

LinkedIn is generally considered a ‘must’ for business professionals who are active in business development.  It is not always considered as important by professionals in technical and management roles.  With some of these professionals, they consider the effort to build a strong LinkedIn presence and build an online business network to be secondary to their…

How to Create More Effective Sales Emails

How many emails (or LinkedIn InMail messages) do you receive from business associates that are just a waste of time to look at, much less worth reading? You know the sales emails that I am talking about. These emails come from business contacts who want to stay in touch with you – either for business…

Social Media Success with these Latest Graphic Design Tools

Many small to medium businesses don’t have the budget for a ‘full-fledged’ social media program, much less a skilled creative team member who can produce stunning graphics. It is often the job of the existing team (and maybe even the owner) to create and post the business’ social media. that’s why we have long advocated several free/freemium…

The Essential Social Media Marketing Tools

Every business should be engaging with their audience through social media. It can be the best way to communicate with existing customers. AND it is one of the best ways to reach new prospects. Social media marketing can be intimidating to the small business or ‘solopreneur’Trends and tactics change constantly It may seem overwhelming to think…

Generate B2B Sales Leads Online, But Sell Offline

As anyone in B2B business development can attest, generating quality B2B sales leads is an uphill struggle.  With the nature of complex sales, many factors come into play, including brand reputation, length of buying cycle, multiple decision stakeholders and ultimately, price tag.  For all of these reasons (and more), quality B2B sales leads do not…