Social Media Success with these Latest Graphic Design Tools

Many small to medium businesses don’t have the budget for a ‘full-fledged’ social media program, much less a skilled creative team member who can produce stunning graphics. It is often the job of the existing team (and maybe even the owner) to create and post the business’ social media. that’s why we have long advocated several free/freemium online tools to help businesses look their best online.

At the top of our list for easy-to-use graphic design tools is Canva. It makes it extremely easy to create an eye-popping visual for your social media, blog post, or other visual. The templates and pre-formatted designs have you up and running in minutes. And you don’t even have to have a graphic design degree!

We just came across an article at Social Media Examiner that listed several other graphic design tools that might be strong alternative candidates to Canva. In this article, they cover three new tools that you might want to check out – Snappaeasil, and Relaythat. At first glance, each offers a lot of creative opportunities for the ‘budding’ designer. And they all appear to offer free entry packages, which would give you a chance to check out the platform.

We are always on the lookout for cost-effective ways to make BIG impact for our business and yours. Take a look at the reviews of these new platforms on the Social Media Examiner site. Try them out. Then, let us know if you try out these platforms and how they worked for you.

PS – We used Snappa to set up the visual for this post.

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