Connect with your customers where they are
in their ‘buying journey’

Today, B2B and B2C buyers learn about solutions, evaluate their options, and make their purchasing decisions largely on their own. And upwards of 80% of the buying process is completed prior to any contact with your organization’s representative.
How can you get your prospect’s attention and grow your business?

Become a part of their journey with inbound marketing strategies.

It’s noisy out there.

Inbound marketing can help you ‘cut through the noise’ and engage with your audience.

What are the typical steps in Your Customer’s ‘Buying Journey’

Step 1 – Desire or Need

Most customers are tuning out marketing messages until they have an identified need.

What You Can Do at this Step
Optimize Your Social Media Engagement

Sell less, educate and entertain more. Increase your chances of being ‘in front of’ the customer when they need (or want) your product/service by engaging them through social media.

Step 2 – Search

When a customer has identified a need (or a want), they begin a search for the right solution. And over 80% of all buying decision searches begin online.

What You Can Do at this Step
Maximize Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Own your brand and market position online. When your customer begins a search, help them to find you on page 1 through strong SEO and content strategies.

Step 3 – Evaluate

Customers want to learn about their options. And most will look to ‘peer reviews’ to judge a product or service’s value. Price and value are rarely the same.

What You Can Do at this Step
Develop Relevant and  Compelling Content

Engage with and educate your audience online with relevant content on your website – such as blog articles, white papers, case studies, etc. that you can promote through your social media channels.


Step 4 – Decide

Understanding what is important to your customer will not only help them to decide to buy, but it will help them to become a ‘fan’ of yours (helping you to expand your business).

What You Can Do at this Step
Demonstrate Your Uniqueness

In many cases, a company’s first direct engagement with their customers is at Step 4 – Decide. The opinion that they formed of your brand is pretty strong by this point. If you are lucky enough to be engaged with your customer at this step, help them to understand why you are the best choice through case studies, client testimonials, demos and product trials.

Bottom Line

Buyers move through the ‘buying journey’ at different speeds – some are journeys that last a few minutes (impulse buys), and other journeys take several years (expensive, complex buys). But as we mentioned earlier, much of that buyer journey is made without your direct involvement. And the buyer needs to satisfy different intellectual and emotional requirements with each step along the way.

Knowing where your buyer is in their journey gives you the best chance of engaging appropriately with them — increasing your opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition.