Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Take advantage of our suite of services to put your 'best foot forward' online.


Separate yourself from the competition with a clear vision of your unique market position.

In today’s crowded business world, it is too easy for a business to get ‘commoditized’ and discounted by their audience.

It is important to identify your unique business capabilities and to develop a clear message that communicates a unique business value to your audience.

This marketing step will have a tremendous impact on your future business success – both online and offline.

Budgets for Brand Strategy Assignments begin at $1,500. [Request a quote.]

marketing strategy


Put your best foot forward with a website presence that allows you to close more business.

No longer is a business website simply an ‘online brochure’. To be effective, a business website must attract, engage, and convert website traffic into qualified sales leads.

Even in the B2B world of complex sales, your online presence is critical to being a part of your prospect’s buying journey.

Budgets for Website Development Services begin at $3,000. [Request a quote.]


Incorporate SEO / SEM Services to improve your Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are processes that affect the visibility of your website in web searches. The more often a website appears in relevant web searches, the more visitors it will receive.

SEO is a process that works to achieve higher search visibility through ‘organic’ or earned results. This is often considered the best method for gaining and maintaining visibility for a website.

For short-term results or for specific campaign purposes, a budget can be used to buy a high visibility through a ‘pay-per-click’ or social advertising program. This effort is referred to as an SEM strategy.

Budgets for SEO/SEM Assignments begin at $1,200 a month. [Request a quote.]


Attract and engage with your audience by publishing relevant and compelling content.

B2B and B2C buyers consume information to make their purchasing decisions on their own. They often complete upwards of 80% of the buying process before they will even make contact with a business representative.

How do you become a part of their buying journey?

First, it is critical to engage with your online audience with entertaining and engaging content. written and optimized to be found by your audience, on your website and in your social media channels.

Second, compelling content delivered in strategically timed follow up emails helps move the relationship along once your audience has become aware and engaged.

Become a part of your audience’s  journey with inbound/content marketing strategies.

content marketing


Engage with your audience with compelling social media posts

A key ingredient for increasing your online presence is through an effective social media strategy.

It allows you to present your business ‘personality’ and promote your online content. It helps to create stronger brand awareness. And it creates opportunities for engagement.

After SEO, it is the next best way to create traffic to your website.

Featured Service Packages

Basic Website Support

Per Month
  • Hardware and software monitoring
  • Event-triggered system alerts
  • Application upgrades
  • Customer support request portal

Basic Social Media

Per Month
  • Strategy Development
  • Brand Analysis
  • 1 Customer Persona
  • 2 social media channels (Facebook & Twitter)
  • 15-20 social media posts
  • Up to 2 ad campaigns*

Advanced Social Media

Per Month
  • Strategy Development
  • Brand Analysis
  • 1-2 Customer Personas
  • Up to 4 social media channels
  • 2-3 blog posts
  • 50-60 posts
  • Up to 4 ad campaigns*

Inbound Marketing

Per Month
  • Strategy Development
  • Brand Analysis
  • 2-3 Customer Personas
  • Up to 4 social media channels
  • 4-8 blog posts
  • 70-90 posts
  • 1 landing pages

Service Programs require an initial Six (6) commitment
Prices may change on this website without prior notice

* Cost of social media ad campaigns/Adwords programs does not include third-party costs of ads

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