Marketing Services

Take advantage of our suite of services to put your ‘best foot forward’ online.

A unique brand strategy is a strong starting place for any business marketing effort. It helps to provide a focus for the different marketing activities and also clearly defines what ‘success will look like.”

A brand strategy also helps to grow and differentiate your business from your competitors. (Blending in with your competitors is a sure way to be forgotten.)

Let us help you stand out in the marketplace with a unique brand strategy.

Website Design is all about creating positive, actionable user experiences to meet your business objectives. Whether you are looking to generate more leads, increase sales, or improve your search engine rank, your website can help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about our website design and development services.

Organic search is one of the most profitable digital marketing channels there is. In fact, organic search represents over half of all traffic to websites across the internet.

Learn how we can help you get your share of that internet traffic.

Inbound marketing (or Content Marketing) opens the door and allows businesses to engage and have a conversation with customers based on their current needs.

Learn more about our Inbound Marketing Services.

Email marketing is an effective way for you to engage and nurture your business relationships, as well as educate those contacts on new products, discounts, and other services/products.

In certain situations, an SEM campaign (often referred to as ‘Pay-Per-Click’) can help kick-start a campaign and/or test the viability of search terms.

Used wisely, it can be very effective. Ill-planned campaigns can consume a lot of your marketing budget.

A growing channel for reaching new audiences is podcasts. Being a guest on an established podcast helps you reach more of your audience and demonstrate your knowledge and influence.

Learn more about how we can help you get high-quality bookings that will help spread your message and get more leads.

Our wide range of skills and services allow Digital Equation Marketing to provide many services to our clients. Some of the more popular services include:

Web Design & Production
Search Engine Optimization
Content Creation

Website Management Services

Some of our most popular service packages include website management services.

Website pro performance


Keep your website up and running 24/7

Hardware & software monitoring

Event-triggered system alerts

App/Plugin upgrades

Monthly Website Traffic Reports

Customer support request portal

Monthly Program, 30-Day Cancellation

search engine optimization

Optimize your current site content to get found

INCLUDES all features of the “Website Pro Performance” Program PLUS –

Strategy Development

Brand Analysis

Set up & Management of a Search Engine Optimization Program

Keyword discovery and competitive analysis

Meta Data Optimization

Local Business SEO

Link Building Strategy

Monthly Program, 30-Day Cancellation

Search promotion


Highlight your business with Effective Pay-Per-Click Programs


Keyword & Geographic Research

Display ads & Landing Page Creation

Setup & management of a Google Ads Program
(Ad budget not included in our rates)

Monthly Program, 30-Day Cancellation

Looking to build a new website?
See our WordPress Website Development Packages

Website Management and SEO Service Programs require an initial Three (3) month commitment. After that time period, all programs are cancellable with 30 days written notice.
Prices may change on this website without prior notice

* Cost of social media ad campaigns/Adwords programs does not include third-party costs of ads

marketing services

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