Inbound marketing (or Content Marketing) opens the door and allows businesses to engage and have a conversation with customers based on their current needs.

Relevant Content is Key to Online Visibility

As Google focuses more on relevant content that helps searchers answer their questions, compelling content and useful information allow your audience to find you online and to connect with your company. As they engage with your content and find the information that they are searching for, both you and they can take an interest in developing a relationship as the searcher moves along their individual ‘buying journey‘.

Creating Engagement ‘Steps’ Helps to Further the Relationships

This content draws people in, rather than getting in their faces. Often called ‘pull’ marketing (as opposed to traditional ‘push’ marketing), this type of marketing attracts prospects towards your business by offering them relevant information and incentives..

Normally, these ‘incentives’ come in the form of information, entertainment, product trials, samples, etc. A good inbound marketing strategy will help to determine what incentive should be offered and when.

How to Start

Once companies come to understand the value of a inbound/content marketing strategy (or they see the rewards their competitors are reaping as a result of it), they are often not sure about how to turn the concept into a reality for their website.

It requires a plan, and staying power and dedication to launch and maintain. And it should be treated as an in-depth, ongoing campaign, not a ‘one off’ project.

There are many different components of inbound marketing. What works well for one business may not work as well for another. An experienced marketing company can help you to determine the best strategy.

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