In certain situations, a SEM campaign (often referred to as ‘Pay-Per-Click’) can help kick-start a campaign and/or test the viability of search terms.

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Used wisely, it can be very effective. Ill-planned campaigns can consume a lot of your marketing budget.

Engage a Search Engine Marketing Company with expertise in successful PPC campaigns to get your campaign started correctly.

Attract Your Audience with the 4-Step Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Process

The market always remains competitive and your business needs to stay ahead of the crowd. Millions of businesses might be competing for the same ‘eyeballs’ of their prospects.

Getting found in this is competitive environment can be no ordinary feat.

What are SEM Services?

Search engine marketing is the process of marketing a business using paid online ads that appear on search engine results pages.

Advertisers bid on keywords that individuals enter when looking for certain products or services, on web services such as Google and Bing might. This gives the advertiser the opportunity for their ads to appear alongside results for those search queries.

These ad campaigns are often referred to a ‘pay-per-click’ (PPC) Campaigns, and/or Facebook Advertising. And these ads generally drive the audience to a landing page that is focused on converting the prospect in some manner — either to make a purchase or sign up to receive something.

Digital Equation offers SEM services in Atlanta, Georgia and across the US in addition to organic search engine optimization. Our team uses paid advertising to increase website traffic, capture leads, and sale conversions.

The Successful 4-Step SEM Process

Campaign Planning

Develop a plan to launch ad campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, YouTube and other search engines. This plan will contain campaign and conversion goals. The launched campaign will geo-target your message and drive targeted traffic to your website at the lowest cost-per-click possible.

Keyword Strategy

Identify low-cost, low-competitive keywords that your customers regularly use to find the solutions that your provide. By managing the bid rate, cost-per-click rate and keywords setup, the ad budget can be maximized for the best conversion rates.

Testing & Measurement

Often referred to as ‘A/B Testing’, constant tweaks to the ad campaigns and comparing results will help to identify what messages, ad images, and target landing pages are creating the most lead conversions.

Tracking & Reporting

All of this campaign is documented and reviewed with the client to determine the trends. This gives all parties the ability to respond the most quickly, taking advantage of positive trends.

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