5 Important Reasons You Should Invest in SEO

There are many reasons for investing resources in your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but we have stuck to 5 important reasons why businesses should invest in SEO.

1. Quite simply, SEO is always working

In the first place, SEO strategies and optimization techniques that are aligned with the latest standards always work. As long as you are on the safe side, i.e. use the so-called ‘White Hat’ SEO, you can expect positive results. So if something works and brings you a positive impact, why not apply it, right?

2. It’s not expensive

When comparing cost and impact with other forms of online marketing (such as PPC or email marketing, SMM, etc.), SEO provides a relatively good return on investment. PPC can lead to faster results, SMM can contribute significantly to your brand, but SEO should always be the basis of your online business.

Because the search engine algorithms that determine the quality of sites, i.e. the places where they will be positioned, are very often modified, the work of SEO is an ongoing process. There are several ways to address this: create a full-time position on your staff for an SEO manager, learn SEO yourself, or hire an agency.

3. Search Engines Have a Huge Market Share

Currently, about 90% of consumers use the internet to find the right business for their needs. These numbers are increasing year by year, and not too far in the future, the internet will completely master this segment. There is one saying: “Your customers are here (search engines), are you”. Without good positioning in search results, it will be hard for potential consumers to find your site/business and your competitors will be reaching them, instead of you.

4. Significant increase in mobile and local searches

Mobile traffic has been on a tremendous surge in recent years. Also, the combination of local searches and mobile usage leads to higher demands for a business to be found online.

5. Your Competitors Do It

Simply, nowadays everyone understands what high search engine positions potentially can bring, and therefore everyone puts a lot of effort and time into reaching them. Those who have not recognized this potential … well, they are simply missing out on much of the market share. 90% of businesses found in the top 5 results are doing some type of internet marketing.


Investing in organic traffic through SEO is more important today than ever considering all the relevant data available. Nowadays, every online business must have an effective SEO strategy. It continues to be one of the most important components in the efforts to achieve a higher and higher quality online presence.

Fun facts

A study done by Google on this issue shows that:

  • 9 out of 10 local mobile searches lead to follow-up action – calls, visits or purchases!
  • These follow-up actions happen within an hour!
  • Any search like this leads to two actions!

There is no other marketing/sales channel in the world that can boast of such statistics. And that is ultimately the main reason why your website needs to be optimized for mobile and local search?

Photo by Edho PratamaonUnsplash

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