b2b marketing funnel
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What is a B2B Marketing Funnel?

37% of marketers say that the most challenging part of their job is prospecting, which is the first step in the sales pipeline. And according to a Salesforce survey, 79% of marketing leads are never converted into sales! Clearly, there isn’t a clear ‘pathway’ for b2b prospects to find the services and products that they…

SEO Services Packages
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Which Level of SEO Services Packages is Right for Your Business?

Continuing our review of SEO packages, we’re going to take a closer look at several service levels of SEO (Search engine optimization) and what services are generally included in them. We will say upfront that there will always be variations in the marketplace, but most U.S. based services fall within the following categories. Low-Cost SEO…

Big Marketing
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Omnichannel Marketing – Go Big or Go Home

Relevant, engaging content continues to be a key component of a business marketing plan. And as most companies quickly learn, adopting a ‘content first’ marketing strategy can have its budget limitations. What successful content marketers learn is that most content can (and should) be created to be ‘evergreen’… meaning, the content should have value to…

Content Marketing
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Content Marketing: 5 Question All Business Asks

Is Content Marketing worth the investment? Content marketing budgets vary, but it is not uncommon to see companies spend between $5,000 and $50,000 per year on this marketing tactic. The spend amount varies by size of company and what the actual goals for the program are. These companies are obviously seeing a return on their…