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Which Level of SEO Services Packages is Right for Your Business?

Continuing our review of SEO packages, we’re going to take a closer look at several service levels of SEO (Search engine optimization) and what services are generally included in them. We will say upfront that there will always be variations in the marketplace, but most U.S. based services fall within the following categories.

Low-Cost SEO Packages ($100-$500/mo.)

If you search for “SEO Prices” or “SEO Services Packages” on Google Search (which is maybe how you found this page), you’ll probably see many listings for SEO retainer pricing in the $150-$500/month range. If you’re a small business on a budget, these may be the best option for you to start with.

What these agencies offer in a package like this may serve your needs. For this price range, you will get a “punch list” of services to set up the SEO for your website. This tends to include Local SEO Management – citation/list management, optimizing your Google My Business listing, and regular reporting. There will generally be very little actual keyword research.

Most agencies offer these services at a lower rate because they do not assign any account manager to the project. Instead, one staffer (or external subcontractor) is responsible for your account and dozens of other accounts. And if you do not want or need any individualized services and/or consultation, then this could work fine for you.

The other consideration of an affordable SEO package at this level is the expectations. Services in this level will help with search visibility, but it will probably not create many opportunities for lead conversation. So, this level might be viewed more as a marketing cost than an ‘investment’, unlike higher plans.

If you do consider using a SEO services package like this, don’t be tempted to work with the first agency that contacts you. Get references, read reviews, and above all, do not sign any long term contract.

Small Business SEO Packages ($1,000-$2,500/mo.)

The next level up in SEO services packages is what might be best described as a small business package. This level requires an additional level of budget commitment on a company’s part. But, generally, this is where SEO packages begin to look more like ‘investments’ than costs.

Industry studies indicate that the most frequently reported monthly SEO package with services performed by U.S.-based SEO agencies cost between $2,500 and $5,000/month. So, what we are referring to as a small business SEO package is at the bottom range of medium pricing.

At this price point, you’ll typically be working with an independent SEO consultant, an SEO agency, or a strong content creation agency.

SEO plans at this investment level will include more focused on-site SEO with analysis and strategy. It will also include greater focus on more ranking factors, such as strong content development and link building. These three elements add up to a successfully executed SEO strategy.

At this budget level, you will usually have an SEO expert (possibly an SEO team) from North America doing research, marketing strategy, and implementation management. This person will be in contact with their client through the month, discussing activity and most importantly, opportunities.

This level also allows an SEO agency and their client to develop conversion strategies that help to create an ROI on this investment. This is the level that Digital Equation Marketing can ‘shine’ for their SEO clients.

High-Performance SEO Packages ($3,500+/mo.)

SEO budgets of $5,000/month and more work well for larger, enterprise clients and eCommerce companies.

It is not uncommon for these larger firms to spend $75,000 and more a month on their SEO, due to the direct relationship between the SEO activity and corporate revenue. Once the ROI is more clearly defined, then a company can increase or decrease this SEO activity and see proportional changes in revenue.

Additionally, these higher packages can include some expanded services such as PR activities. Digital marketing and SEO are now firmly a part of the Press/Media Relation skill set.

Another traditional marketing task that PR and ad agency services have offered is market research. Now, this becomes an extension of the digital work.

So, at a certain point, these services SEO, PR, and market research can merge, meaning a large SEO agency starts to look like an ‘ad agency’ or ‘PR firm’ of old.

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