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What are the factors that can determine SEO package prices?

When you begin to explore options for SEO (Search engine optimization) for your online business brand and website visibility, you can be initially shocked by the wide range of SEO package prices that you might find. And, if you don’t know what is included in these various packages, you may not be satisfied with your final choice.

In this article, we would like to help you understand what can be included in an SEO package and how the price could vary so much.

SEO Package Prices

A managed SEO program can be priced from as low as $250/month up to over $10,000+/month. Most seo agencies that provide this SEO service can build a specific package and budget based on a quote request or FRP that will generally fall somewhere between these two numbers.

For instance, our SEO services start at $1,000/month and can increase to $2,500, based on the client’s goals and our resources. With that rate structure, we tend to focus on small business clients rather than larger enterprise companies.

What are the Key Components of the SEO Package Pricing

The SEO package pricing can include several variables that fall into one of the following:

  • Scope of service
  • Client goals of the package
  • The number of key sectors that the work will focus on
  • the overall size of the website
  • The experience of the provider
  • The billing method

How the Scope of Service Can Influence the SEO Service Budget

Put simply, the bigger the wish list is, the bigger the price tag. If you are focusing on one or two main keyword categories, you will see more economical budget proposals. But, if you want to gain visibility for a wide variety of products and/or services, you will be multiplying the services… and thus the budget.

Each keyword focus is essentially a separate SEO campaign. So, if you are an apparel manufacturer who wants to get found for athletic wear, you may end up needing a campaign focused on athletic shirts/tops, athletic shorts, athletic leggings, etc.

Also, if you are a local business that serves a metropolitan market, a successful SEO campaign will include optimization focus for each of the local markets.

Keep this in mind as you explore affordable SEO service options and make sure that your goals match the proposed services or that ‘well-priced’ SEO service package may not be what you want.

How SEO Packages Tend to Be BIlled

An SEO service provider can bill for these services in different ways.

Project-Based SEO Packages

Project-based SEO packages tend to be limited in scope. These projects tend to have a set goal that will be accomplished in a shorter amount of time. This is a common package for on-site audits and technical SEO analysis. What is not included in these types of packages is the ongoing work of content creation and link building.

Hourly SEO

An hourly SEO consulting agreement that some SEO consultants offer are the best option for companies that are planning to internalize their SEO work. By paying a consultant by the hour, they might be able to get a strategy and internal team advice/guidance for the optimal price. Depending upon the location (U.S. based versus international), the hourly SEO rate can range from $30/hr to $1,000/hour. The higher rates tend to come from SEO providers who are influencers in their own right.

Retainer-Based SEO Packages

A retainer-based SEO package is the most common pricing structure for these services. In this level of service, the client pays the SEO provider a monthly (or other regular schedule) fee for an agreed upon list of SEO deliverables. Within this ongoing package, most SEO services will provide ongoing optimization, content creation, and link building.

You can read this article that includes more information on what to expect in a range of SEO packages.

In the meantime, contact us if you would like to discuss your particular SEO needs.

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