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Use Social Media To Your SEO Advantage

You know the expression – “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”? Well, that is what I said when I read this just-published post on the Forbes.com website. Written by contributing writer – Kelly Shelton, it covers the relationship of your social media activity and your website’s online visibility.

It is a topic that I often discuss with clients and business associates. And I wanted to share it with them and highlight out a couple of key points.

In the world of business, a beautiful website is only as productive as the number of visitors that it draws… and ultimately, how many of those visitors that it engages. And one of the most cost-effective means of attracting website visitors is through social media promotion.

Social Media is Always a Promotional tool, even when it’s not

There is always a balance that should be achieved between ‘direct’ sales messages on social media and ‘indirect’ selling through shared content. But, even when you are sharing helpful content on your business social media channels, it pays to include a link back to your website. As the writer of this article states:

“And always include a link back to your main website domain. If you create high-quality content that gains traction on social media, both consumers and other websites will reference your link, which greatly helps your SEO. To best reach your target audience, take advantage of content promotion tools likeFacebook TargetingorTwitter Ads.” [Forbes.com]

This is an often-overlooked step in business social media activity.

Winning the SEO Popularity Contest

Another key point that this article points out is that each social media post gives your audience a chance to become that much more familiar with your brand. Why is that important to online SEO visibility?

“Because we generally click on the brands we know, not random brands we’ve never heard of. That means, the bigger your brand recognition is and the more consumers trust you, the likelier you are to receive a larger share of clicks on Google. The more clicks you get on Google from your new social audience, the higher you will start to rank.”

These are just two of the comments from this article that I think is important to keep in mind as you manage your business social media. Yes, it may seem like a lot of activity that isn’t ‘bearing fruit’. But, you need to keep in mind that it is helping you to increase the SEO visibility of your website. [Forbes.com]

I encourage you to read the full article on Forbes.com. And share your thoughts below.

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