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Podcasting 101

Podcasting has come into its own over the last few years as a communication tool… and a marketing tool. Whether you are producing your own or you are making guest appearances on someone else’s podcast, it is a great ‘megaphone’ for your message.

According to recent data, there are about 850,000 total active podcasts available across multiple channels and platforms. Compared to the 31 million channels on YouTube, this positions podcasting as an excellent marketing channel for your business – plus, podcast listeners are reportedly more educated and wealthier, with nearly half of all total podcast listeners being college graduates and earning a net income of $250,000 annually.

If you think that podcasting is right for you, then you should consider the following strategies to market your new podcast from OutBrain

11 Best Strategies to Market Your Podcast

  1. Create a dedicated podcast site or page
  2. Distribute your podcast across as many platforms
  3. Optimize for SEO
  4. Repurpose content into videos, images, and blog posts
  5. Turn podcast episodes into YouTube videos
  6. Update your email marketing templates
  7. New podcast? Use the two-week ratings rule
  8. Mention other businesses and entrepreneurs in your episodes
  9. Invite more noteworthy guests over time
  10. Give podcast guests promotional content for their episode
  11. Get yourself on other people’s podcasts

It’s OK to Make It about Yourself

The one thing that seems counter-intuitive to today’s marketer is the podcast strategy of defining yourself, instead of defining your audience, into the podcast. A podcast is essentially an extension of your personality… or your organization’s personality. Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish. Being yourself in the podcast will help to attract an audience of like minded listeners.

How To Make a Podcast

I will rely upon professional podcasters to give you some tips on how to make your own podcast.

  1. Make a list of shows you love. Not just podcasts, but TV shows as well. Andrew and I loved The Colbert Report, Arrested Development, and This American Life. We found ways to work elements of those shows into ours.
  2. Write down 10 qualities about yourself (and anyone else involved in your podcast). Find the commonalities that will become your “avatar.”
  3. Don’t copy; emulate. Just because everyone hires a former used car commercial announcer on Fiverr to create their intro, doesn’t mean you have to. Try writing your own music. Try no intro music at all!
  4. Ignore the podcast marketing fads. I noticed an influx of narrative-style podcasts after the success of Serial and Startup. I’m not saying you shouldn’t start a narrative style podcast, but instead, do the show you would want to listen to and not because it’s a trend.

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Consider Being a Guest Interviewee

If you are not ready to get into podcasting production, you can always consider being a podcast guest interviewee on a related podcast. This is the next best way to reach out to your audience through this medium.

There areagenciesthat help their clients to get booked on appropriate podcasts. These agencies can help to research the market for the right channels and help pitch and book the interview with the podcasters for you. All you have to do is be ready to put your positive personality and expertise.

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